Our Story

Outscale is an innovative Cloud provider with superior client support and robust data centers around the globe.

Outscale was founded in 2010 as a strategic partner of Dassault Systèmes and we’ve been at the forefront of cloud computing ever since. We invest 15% of revenues back into R&D to provide a range of enterprise-class cloud solutions for our customers and partners.

Our services combine excellence and thoroughness, which has helped us to win many awards and over 800 corporate customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Attaining ISO security certification 27001:2013 has allowed Outscale to service our clients like never before.

The Outscale Difference
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Simply put, we allow you to customize your servers to best fit your needs. When it comes to building a Cloud computing infrastructure that meets your performance demands, we stand alone.

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Consider Outscale your tailor-made Cloud Solution—an automated and scalable Cloud designed to support your complex IT projects while controlling your operational costs.


We offer a powerful and highly secure Cloud that meets the highest standard of safety and reliability of technical redundancy, at no additional cost.

The Outscale Story


DECEMBER 2017   |   Outscale Receives Cisco Excellence Award EMEA for Cloud Architecture Quality

NOVEMBER 2017   |   Outscale Extends ISO 27001:13 Certification to R & D Department

JUNE 2017   |   Dassault Systèmes takes majority stake in Outscale

APRIL 2017   |   Outscale Launches Professional Services Program

SEPTEMBER 2016   |   Outscale revolutionizes the market with ‘billing-by-the-second’

MARCH 2016   |   Outscale is recognized as “2016 Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) Partner of the Year – France” by Cisco

FEBRUARY 2016   |   O2S is available for free download from the Apple App Store

DECEMBER 2015   |   Outscale Introduces Cloud Sprint Program to Support Software Vendors

NOVEMBER 2015   |   O2Sis available for free download from the Google Playstore

OCTOBER 2015   |   Outscale obtains the Intel Cloud Technology (ICT) label from Intel.

SEPTEMBER 2015 | Outscale achieves Cisco Certified Cloud and Managed Service Provider (CMSP) Advanced.

OCTOBER 2014   |   Outscale obtains ISO 27001-2013 certification and is positioned in Europe as one of the first cloud companies to have the highest standards for data security.

SEPTEMBER 2014   |   Outscale launches its Partner Program, aimed at bringing together key players in innovation and outsourcing.

JULY 2014   |   Outscale holds its first Cloud Days event in Paris to bring together customers, partners and influencers who are committed to the future of the cloud in France.

DECEMBER 2013   |   Outscale has a 2013 turnover of 7.5 million Euros.

2011-2013   |   Outscale dedicates itself for two years to the development of its automated and piloted offer by means of a software designed in house: TINA OS. Outscale technology leverages open-source bricks that meet industry standards in terms of Cloud APIs with Amazon EC2 ™ compatibility *. Outscale hosts a volume of 3 petabytes of data in its Cloud infrastructure.

JANUARY 2011   |   Outscale receives a first 100% private equity financing (16M euros).

OCTOBER 2010   |   Outscale is founded.

MARCH 2010   |   Bernard Charlès, Director and CEO of Dassault Systèmes, is alerting the public authorities to the supremacy of Amazon and related governance issues for French companies. At the initiative of the project of a necessary French Cloud, Dassault Systèmes withdraws from the public program formed by Thalès and Orange in favor of Outscale.

* Amazon Web Service and the Amazon EC2™ Powered by Amazon Web Service are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.