Case Study: Prime Technology


What did Prime try to accomplish?

They are building a comprehensive scanning tool which can help their users make the right decisions for trade and profit.

On the backend, the system receives real-time market data feeds and pulls historic trading data for the past 2 years. Proprietary algorithms are applied to generate short lists of trading candidates for their users.

On the front end, sophisticated charting and various visual & audio tools are provided to help the user make trading decisions based on the suggested list.

The software also incorporated financial news so users can get comprehensive knowledge on the tickers of their interests.

What are the stakes and challenges?

Since this is a trading decision tool, service continuation and performance are two critical features to them. Service downtime and latency may mean lost opportunities.

What is their business model and how does that impact their infrastructure choice?

Since Prime is a global service company, they would like to limit their overhead for infrastructure maintenance; enabling availability globally and having quick set-up time with ease of expansion.

Why are they using a cloud infrastructure as a service?

Cloud infrastructure provides the virtualization (which reduces the headache of maintaining physical machines), provides the flexibility of footprint size (which can fluctuate based on the business needs), and provide quick start-up times.

Solving Problems

Prime first considered using 3DS OUTSCALE to solve a problem they faced while using another vendor for another project. The other vendor imposed many restrictions on the ports they can open. Working with 3DS OUTSCALE, they were able to open the ports Prime needed while still maintaining security controls.

Advantages of using 3DS OUTSCALE

3DS OUTSCALE’s bundle cost was very attractive.  The interface is easy to use.  Prime was also impressed by 3DS OUTSCALE’s flexibility and the willingness to work with them.


3DS OUTSCALE is able to provide the necessary support within Prime’s time frame.

Next Steps

Prime will do extensive performance and scalability testing to make sure 3DS OUTSCALE can meet their needs with acceptable latency.