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Case Study: Consensia


Who is Consensia?

Consensia, Inc., an Enovia DS partner, markets world-leading software solutions that enable rapid, collaborative product development for the high-tech and medical device industry. Our solutions address the complete product development lifecycle from ideation to product launch.
Consensia Case Study

What did Consensia Try to Accomplish?

We work with customers to streamline their product development process by enabling all stakeholders in the product definition, design, and manufacturing to collaborate on a single application platform eliminating silos of information. This leads to reduced product development costs and faster time to market.
Consensia Case Study

What are the Stakes and Challenges?

It is critical for Consensia to onboard a new customer on our solutions rapidly. A lot of our customers to not have the IT support infrastructure to support an enterprise application. They want a hosted environment with cloud delivery so that the user community can access the application from any location around the world. That was a critical need which we could not address in a traditional on-premise model. With rapid acceptance of cloud delivery models, companies expect their software partners to give them infrastructure options.
Consensia Case Study

What is Their Business Model and How Does That Impact Their Infrastructure Choice?

Our business model is to offer our customers a choice of on-premise or hosted infrastructure. We need to partner with an infrastructure service provider that understands Dassault Systemes solutions and provision applications within a couple of days of implementation start data. With expectations for a quick deployment, we needed a partner that could react fast to our business needs at cost effective price points.
Advantages of Choosing 3DS OUTSCALE

Advantages of Choosing 3DS OUTSCALE


  • Ability to offer infrastructure choices for our customers
  • Rapid start to project implementations
  • Predictable infrastructure costs

3DS OUTSCALE Offering Deployed

Basic configuration, but we intend to expand as our business grows.

Next Steps:

Continue to build our hosting infrastructure on 3DS OUTSCALE and grow our company.