Data Platform as a Service: On-Demand Big Data Solutions

Put your data into action to improve customer experiences, reduce churn, optimize operations, manage risks and gain a competitive advantage.

Extract Actionable Insights
From Your Data


Designed to be simple to use in the cloud, Outscale’s new Big Data PaaS offers the entire MapR Converged Data Platform to provide fast access to data stored in files, databases, and event streams for performing real-time analysis on business-critical, operational applications.

With Outscale and MapR, customers can test and deploy cloud-based applications on any size cluster, leveraging open APIs such as HDFS, Spark, Drill, and POSIX NFS without the need for extensive professional service expertise in big data.

This on-demand solution eliminates many of the costs associated with a Hadoop deployment and allows organizations to focus on gaining actionable big data insights to drive business growth.

With Data Platform as a Service, Outscale’s Big Data solution:

  • Deployment is quick and easy – You can start a Hadoop cluster in less than 5 minutes.
  • Flexible billing is available, offering huge savings – We offer per hour billing with your MapR license, so you only pay for what you use.
  • You can expect top-notch service and support Our Outscale team of experts, including Cloud consultants, are here to offer consulting and advisory services. In addition, your license includes access to MapR Support.
  • High performance and data security – The collected and transformed data is hosted locally in our optimized storage solution to ensure high performance and data security.


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Download the Data Sheet: Data Platform as a Service

We propose 2 different configurations of Data Platform as a Service to suit your needs:


1 node with 16 cores and 64 GiB of RAM 

100 GiB of useful storage


5 nodes with 16 cores and 64 GiB of RAM

2 TiB of useful storage

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There is no upfront Cloud fee, you only pay for what you use.
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