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Hosted Solutions for Dassault Systèmes

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Accelerate time-to-value for your clients.

Accelerate Time-to-Value for Your Clients.

Custom On-Demand Solutions to Future-Proof Your Offerings

According to the Gartner Group, more than 80 percent of software vendors will change their business model from traditional license and maintenance to subscription by 2020. A primary driver behind the move to hosted solutions? Providers are able to offer access to up-to-date products. Cloud deployment makes this faster than an on-premise solution because you – the provider – control the release schedule. This means you no longer have to maintain numerous versions of software based on your customers’ decisions about when (or when not to) upgrade. Hosted solutions will help you rapidly accelerate the “time-to-value” for new features/functionalities. In addition, this offers you the ability to develop creative licensing models (ex: # of seats, # of users, usage-based) to reach prospects and customers in new ways.
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We Assist in the Transition to Hosted Solutions

Our hosted solutions provide the physical servers for Dassault Systèmes’ License Enrollment, as well as Virtual Machines (VMs) to support remote user connections.3DS OUTSCALE provides dedicated Technical Account Managers throughout the entire implementation process to assist with setup and optimization of the solution. 3DS OUTSCALE’s hosted solutions allow the company to offer on-demand pricing, which keeps the cost to run the software extremely low compared to what it would cost to acquire, implement and manage on-premise hardware. Multiple VM options are available based upon consumption needs, including customized VMs, which reduce cost by providing exactly what is needed by a customer.
The 3DS OUTSCALE Advantage

The 3DS OUTSCALE Advantage

3DS OUTSCALE’s commitment to Infrastructure as a Service means best-in-class solutions and superior client support for customers and partners around the world.

Secure Your Data

Security is 3DS OUTSCALE’s number one priority, meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Scale as Needed

Your infrastructure capacity will grow alongside you, allowing you to gain business agility and increase your operational efficiencies.

Faster Time to Market

Ramp up and get the job done (and the product or service to market) more rapidly.

Save Money

Avoid the costs associated with staff, capital, and power when running your own data center. With no upfront capital expenditures, pay for what you consume.

Focus on Business Growth

Let us manage your infrastructure, so you can focus on growing your business.
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The Difference

The 3DS OUTSCALE Difference
We’re Here to Help

Working with 3DS OUTSCALE means you have a team of industry experts at your organization’s disposal. We provide more than just basic customer service; think of us as an extension of your own team.
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