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Business Cloud Storage

Business Cloud Storage

Storage that Adapts.

Take large-scale advantage of your Cloud applications. The Enterprise-Class data centers built by 3DS OUTSCALE allow us to offer high capacity storage solutions, guaranteed data protection, and digital sovereignty.
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3ds Outscale Offers Two Secure Solutions that Guarantee Flexibility for Data Growth while Meeting Your Storage Needs:

  • Block Storage Unit (BSU): Block storage on standard hard drives, or SSDs, that allow performances of up to 36,000 IOPS per instance.
  • Object Storage Unit (OSU): Allows you to store and manage your files with confidence in a replicated, highly available system.
Block Storage Unit

Block Storage Unit

System volume is automatically created and attached to store all the operating system’s data for each instance. You can create additional storage volumes with the storage capacity of your choice within its availability zone in the Public Cloud or VPC.

You can backup your data by taking snapshots of your volumes at any given time. This allows you to create a backup of your data and recreate a similar volume and share it with other users, whether it is in the same region or not.

Benefits of BSU

Create storage volumes and easily add them to your instances.
Flexibility on-demand
Dimension your storage capacity quickly in block mode according to your needs—up to 36,000 IOPS and 16TB per instance by volume.
Data backup
Your data is backed up and recoverable through copies or snapshots of your disks. The availability rate in Block Storage infrastructure is 99.7%.
Block Storage Unit

Object Storage Unit

Characteristics of 3DS OUTSCALE’s OSU Solution:

  • Upgradable, on-demand storage
  • Secure storage with completely controlled access for content owners
  • High-performance object storage for web applications
  • Configurable lifecycle policies
  • Value storage and restoration solutions
  • Pay-per-use pricing model
  • Usable by AWS S3*-compatible API
  • No installation fees: you pay for what you use
  • SLA Object Storage: 99.9999999999% sustainability
Our AltaVault-certified OSU solution is a secure object storage solution that enables you to easily store, backup, and archive your data. Usable by API, OSU easily and quickly adapts itself to your data evolution. You benefit from a pay-per-use pricing model and a certified, efficient and highly available solution. 3DS OUTSCALE offers OSUs (Object Storage Units) allowing you to take large-scale advantage of your Cloud applications at all times. Your data contained in unstructured objects is grouped in a storage environment; where each object has a unique identifier to provide for easy extraction.

Benefits of OSU

Ideal for large-sized objects: You can store various files on OSU (documents, database backups, multimedia, archive).
Simplified management: Easily set up your own secure Drive and, add the storage capacity you need.
Geolocation of your data: Choose the geographic area to store your data and, benefit from the high availability and best latencies.
Data confidentiality: We protect the confidentiality of your data and information, in respect of the digital sovereignty policy.
Simplified scalability and instant agility: when using our storage solution: 3DS OUTSCALE’s OSU solution is available and, integrated into the “overflow on Object storage” section of the NetApp AltaVault application.
Easy deployment of the solution on different architectures: private, hybrid or public Cloud.
3-times or 6-times replication: Resilience in data access.
3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud Expert service offers some data accommodation, storage, and processing infrastructure, with the support of NetApp, a renowned technology partner.
The 3DS OUTSCALE Advantage

The 3DS OUTSCALE Advantage

3DS OUTSCALE’s commitment to Infrastructure as a Service means best-in-class solutions and superior client support for customers and partners around the world.

Secure Your Data

Security is 3DS OUTSCALE’s number one priority, meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Scale as Needed

Your infrastructure capacity will grow alongside you, allowing you to gain business agility and increase your operational efficiencies.

Faster Time to Market

Ramp up and get the job done (and the product or service to market) more rapidly.

Save Money

Avoid the costs associated with staff, capital, and power when running your own data center. With no upfront capital expenditures, pay for what you consume.

Focus on Business Growth

Let us manage your infrastructure, so you can focus on growing your business.
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The Difference

The 3DS OUTSCALE Difference
We’re Here to Help

Working with 3DS OUTSCALE means you have a team of industry experts at your organization’s disposal. We provide more than just basic customer service; think of us as an extension of your own team.
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