Custom Cloud

custom cloud
Virtual Servers for More Flexibility

Optimize your cloud infrastructure and meet any computing need with high-performance virtual servers.

3DS OUTSCALE strives to stay a step ahead of “traditional” providers of Virtual Machines (VMs). We allow you to create customized, high-performance virtual servers without being limited by pre-established formats with our CxRy Custom VMs. You have the freedom to customize the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM to meet your computing your needs. This allows you to create each custom VM based on your requirements and optimizes your cloud infrastructure.

With the 3DS OUTSCALE CxRy virtual machines, you can choose up to 38 vCores, up to 180 GiB of memory and select your preferred Intel processor generation. Instantly, you can adjust your resources as you see fit. You are free to adjust the performance of your VMs in the cloud at any time.

Using our API, you can automate these adjustments according to the load to bear. You can also manage your custom virtual machines via Cockpit, our management interface. And best of all, you pay only for the time you consume.

Check out our Wiki for more information about our customizable Virtual Machines.

The 3DS OUTSCALE Advantage

3DS OUTSCALE’s commitment to Infrastructure as a Service means best-in-class solutions and superior client support for customers and partners around the world.

  • Secure Your Data
    Security is 3DS OUTSCALE’s number one priority, meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.
  • Scale as Needed
    Your infrastructure capacity will grow alongside you, allowing you to gain business agility and increase your operational efficiencies.
  • Faster Time to Market
    Ramp up and get the job done (and the product or service to market) more rapidly.
  • Save Money
    Avoid the costs associated with staff, capital and power when running your own data center. With no upfront capital expenditures, pay for what you consume.
  • Focus on Business Growth
    Let us manage your infrastructure, so you can focus on on growing your business.
The 3DS OUTSCALE Difference - We’re Here to Help

Working with 3DS OUTSCALE means you have a team of industry experts at your organization’s disposal. We provide more than just basic customer service; think of us as an extension of your own team.


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