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3DS OUTSCALE-Specific Virtual Machines

Choose Your Virtual Machines.

Virtual Machines

3DS OUTSCALE makes different Virtual Machines (VMs) available, allowing you to develop specific projects on the public Cloud.
These are specifically-crafted VMs to meet your precise needs when they require heavy optimization:
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Decision-making (Big Data)
  • 3D Rendering
  • The available VMs can be modulated and contain different parameters for storage, processors, networking and RAM.
Creation of a VM is automatic
Simply fill in the basic parameters and in a few clicks, your 3DS OUTSCALE VM is created and ready to use. An 3DS OUTSCALE Machine Image (OMI) is a packaged Operating System used to launch 3DS OUTSCALE VMs. In addition to the OS, it contains various scripts that make the OMI usable in a Cloud environment by configuring specific variables and enable certain features.
There’s an OMI for everyone: We provide three types of OMIs to best fit your needs.
  • OS
  • Appliances
  • Service OMIs
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The Difference

The 3DS OUTSCALE Difference
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